1/2 Dozen Science Eggs - 17 Experiments


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1/2 Dozen Science Eggs - 17 Experiments

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Crack open each of these scientific eggs to unveil different activities in each kit. Two experiments are included in every egg. However, some even have a bonus activity!

Your junior Scientist will learn about polymers and different areas of chemistry as they create faux snow, crystals, water gel and so much more! Follow along the instructions that are provided in each egg to learn the science behind each of the experiments. This kit will educate as much as it will entertain!

Easter Egg Hunt: Add some Science to your child's Easter egg hunt by adding these eggs to your collection of eggs filled with sweets and treasures. They also made a great stocking stuffer for  Christmas!

  • Energy Beads - #1 Bead Work, #2 Shed a Light on it + #3 Daylight
  • Garbled Marbles - #1 Marble Mania, #2 Drop Zone + #3 High flier
  • Gravity Goo - #1 Swamp Goo, #2 Multicolor Goo
  • Clear Sphere - #1 Mystic Crystals, #2 Rainbow Roll
  • Water Gel - #1 River Runs Dry, #2 No Leaking, #3 Meltdown + #4 All Dried Up
  • Amazing Super Snow Powder - #1 Mix it up, #2 Arctic Ice + #3 A Snowy Discovery
Age Recommendation: 8 - 12 years old