Deluxe Cinema Collection - 32 Stories


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Deluxe Cinema Collection - 32 Stories

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Spend magical and inventive evenings with your children of all ages with this delightful cinema collection with 32 stories!

The storybook lamps project images on the ceiling, making you live great adventures at the whim of the imagination with your whole family creating a magical moment that your children will remember for a long time.  

When on their own children can play "movies".  This collection comes with 16 movie tickets and 20 cards where they can promote their movie. Use the lid of the box as a screen or project the images on the wall or ceiling.

Fox, rabbit, prince, princess and a family of bears will come to life through small interchangeable discs to slide in the storybook lamp.

The deluxe cinema box contains 32 discs of 8 images each! You'll have enough different stories to have forever interesting nightime routines with your children.


  • 32 story disks
  • 1 flashlight projector
  • 16 movie tickets
  • 20 cards announcing the movie
  • Box that contains everything and that also acts as a screen
  • Batteries included

You will have everything you need for an unforgettably imaginative evening.

Age Recomendation: 18 months - 8 years old