Dinosaur Flash Cards


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Dinosaur Flash Cards

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So many children are fascinated by dinosaurs-- they always want to know more about them! You can feed their natural curiosity with this fact-filled volume of thick and durable flashcards. There's so much to learn. Did you know: Some dinosaurs ate only plants. Others only meat. Very few ate both. Some dinosaurs aren't really dinosaurs at all. They're flying reptiles. One dinosaur was the largest creature ever to walk the earth. Every card is beautifully illustrated on the front by renowned "dino-artist" Joe Tucciarone, and filled with fun facts about that dinosaur on the back. Share them with your kids again and again.

Give your child a Flash of Brilliance… Children have a tremendous capacity for expanding their knowledge, especially during their first six years. That’s when they are most eager to learn new things, and playing with flashcards is an excellent way to satisfy their natural curiosity. These flashcards have many special features that improve on the traditional flashcard, so you can take full advantage of your child’s instinctive leaning abilities:

  • Full-color images
  • Thick and durable cards that children love to play with again and again
  • Easy-to-understand facts about dinosaurs
  • Illustrations by guest artist Joe Tucciarone
  • Pronunciation Key for each Dinosaur

Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 3.8 x 1.4 inches

Age Recommendation:  3 - 12 years old