DIY Steampunk Clock


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DIY Steampunk Clock

Product Details

This model is a miniature imitation of a clock with a delicate carved body and a clever mechanism that sets its gears in motion and gets the hands of the clock moving by when you turn the gear at the base. Beautiful lace-like ornaments of the Steampunk Clock include floral designs, the Sun, stars, and the Moon.

Beautiful gearing of the model includes an original 90-degree angle coupling you can observe when the mechanism is working. Along with a smart gears connection, Ugears engineers implemented another interesting feature: the unsynchronized clock hands sitting on the same axle. Each of them moves with its own pace.

The Steampunk Clock is easy to assemble which makes it a perfect model to start with if you are new to the fascinating world of Ugears. Still, in case you have been with us for some time, you will definitely want this outstanding puzzle for your collection.

The model is made of natural materials and has a pleasant wooden scent. All you need to assemble your Steampunk Clock comes in the box, no glue or additional tools are required.  Add color to your clock by staining the pieces before assembly.

Makes a dandy stocking stuffer!

No tools or glue required!

Materials: Wood
Finished size: 4.9 x 2 x3 inches
Number of components: 43
Assembly time: 1 hour
Level: Easy

Age Recommendation: 14 - 99 years old