Fluxx 5.0


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Fluxx 5.0

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Fluxx 5.0

The latest and greatest version of the card game with ever changing rules! Easier than ever with just the four classic card types. You still start out simple: draw one card and play one card, changing the rules as you go, while collecting up such life essentials as Chocolate, Music, Time, and Cookies. Changing Goals will keep you on your toes as well, and Action cards are still shaking things up!

Fluxx 5.0 was designed to be the perfect intro to the Fluxx system, while also building on all of the improvements we've made in this essential unthemed version over the years. Looney Labs have gone back to a Creeper-free version to make it more accessible to new players, while adding some new Rules, Goals and Actions.

Players: 2-6 
Playtime: 5-30 minutes 
Age Recommendation: 8 - 99 years old

1999 Mensa Select Recipient 
1999 Origins Award Nominee (Traditional Card Game) 
2001 Games 100

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