Geometric Tangram Puzzle


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Geometric Tangram Puzzle

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This clever Tangram puzzle combines 14 precise geometric cuts that form a symmetric square based on the Greeks’ mathematical genius. See if your fingers can devise the solution to this mathematical conundrum.

Geometry has long been considered the earliest form of mathematics. The ancient Greeks were the first civilization to craft the rules and axioms that governed this far-reaching discipline by practicing a new form of deductive reasoning. The groundbreaking principles they drafted became the foundation for geometry and continue to shape modern math curriculum.

Puzzle-solving is at the heart of every innovation. Faced with a challenge, great thinkers for centuries employed logic, ingenuity, and creative thinking to solve the toughest problems. What resulted were brilliant inventions that changed the world. We’ve honored the original thought-leaders from ancient cultures by connecting their inventions to our brainteasers to create a challenging line of puzzles worthy of the title, True Genius.