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Your in-house Maker can bend the rules of building as they flex, connect and extend with Joinks! Made from flexible connectors and wooden sticks, your kid will be constructing all kinds of creative structures that bounce, wiggle and move!

Colorful, chunky and super-flexible, Joinks connectors are made from silicone and make construction simple with ever-expanding possibilities. Just add the wooden sticks and you kid will REALLY “flex” their building muscles. The can use the suction cups to secure their structure as they build. Your child can add a finishing touch on their creation with the geometrically-inspired spheres.

Easy enough for a toddler and complex enough for a chemist, Joinks get the brain flexing, connecting, expanding and building!

• Contents:
• 10 - 3” sticks
• 15 - 5” sticks
• 12 – 8” sticks
• 6 Double Connectors
• 8 Triad Connectors
• 10 Quad Connectors
• 5 Quint Connectors
• 6 Suction Cup Connectors
• 4 GeoSpheres
• Ages 3+

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