Kariba - Survive the Savanna Card Game


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Kariba - Survive the Savanna Card Game

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In the Savanna, only the strongest survive

Kariba is set in Africa where the weather is hot and the water scarce. Animals want to find a waterhole where they can refresh themselves. Of course, every animal wants to be the first to drink and so the elephant chases away the rhino, and the rhino chases away the mouse... But it is well known that elephants are afraid of mice. The goal is to win as many cards as possible.

Addictive game play for all ages: exciting illustrations (8 animals in all) for the little ones and smart strategy for bigger ones. Game by award-winning author Reiner Knizia. 15 minute play time.


  • 64 cards
  • Mini watering hole board
  • Instructions
Players: 2 - 6
Age Recommendation: 6 - 99 years old