Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant


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Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant

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Your junior gardener will love discovering how beans grow with this set of 4 models of the stages of growth. A side view shows a green bean seed in the soil, followed by the germination stage, where the seed sends roots into the warm, moist soil. The plant reaches for the sun, sprouting two leaves at first, and then begins to mature into a plant capable of producing beans. 

Perfect for home school, science fair, Boy and Girl Scout, and FFA projects.

Scientific Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

Characteristics: From a single green bean seed sprout the roots that will seek out nutrients, followed days later by the stem and leaves that will reach toward the sun for energy. 

Size and Color: Growing in a sandy loam, the reddish-brown seed begins to take root. The stem follows, with the cycle completed by the dark green leaves. The plant is 3 ½ inches tall, about as tall as a deck of cards. 

Non-toxic and BPA free