Mini Magic Tricks - Enchanted Handkerchief


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Mini Magic Tricks - Enchanted Handkerchief

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Make items appear out of thin air!

Magicians are nothing without their hat. With these mini magic trick hats, your child too can become a master sleight-of-hand artist. Once proficient, aspiring magicians ages 6 and up can take their show on the road with these portable mini magic kits. This clever miniature top hat contains the props and instructions to perform two simple, unique magic tricks involving the included handkerchief.

Your budding Illusionist can collect all eight Mini Magic Tricks and perfect their command of the magical arts! 
* Having trouble mastering a specific trick? Online video tutorials are also available!

  • 3 - Trick Thumbs
  • 1 - Handkerchief
  • Instructions
Size: 3 x 5 inches
Age Recommendation: 6 - 99 years old

  • Top Summer Toy - Toy Insider