Mechanics - 146-Piece


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Mechanics - 146-Piece

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With all the tools necessary to make your child's creations, spin, flip, rotate, and whirl with beautiful colors, the Geomag Mechanics Construction Set is perfect for little engineers who want to design something exciting and kinetic!

This playset contains 37 blue magnetic rods and 44 non-magnetic steel balls that let your child connect and build whatever awesome creations they want. Make an architectural masterpiece, a whirling gizmo star, or something wild and unique.

• (1) indicator rod
• (37) blue magnetic rods
• (44) non-magnetic steel balls
• (2) tubes
• (22) washers
• (16) feet for washers
• (16) linear bars
• (3) squares for bearing
• (2) cages for bearing
• (1) plate
• (1) cone
• (1) orange square panel.

• Warning: CONTAINS SMALL PARTS. Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

• Warning: CONTAINS STRONG MAGNETS. Keep away from sensitive devices such as credit cards, computers, magnetic media and medical devices like pacemakers.
• Ages 5+