Miniature Porcelain Tea Set - Surprise Capsules


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Miniature Porcelain Tea Set - Surprise Capsules

Product Details

In Japan, there are machines where you receive a random toy with each purchase. It is called the GASHAPON (ga-sha-pon) GAME. These minature and charming ceramic tea sets are made for Gashapon.  Designed by Shineg Japan.

Each capsule contains ONE of the following sets:
  • 2 Tea cups & saucers OR
  • Sugar bowl & creamer OR
  • Tea pot & plate OR
  • Tea pot & tea tray
There are 3 different china patterns: Pink Roses, Multi-colored Flowers, Strawberries, or Bone White.  Each capsule is a tea-time surprise. See if you can collect them all.


Capsule is 100% recyclable.

Age Recommendation: 5 - 99 years old