Pocket Kite from France



Pocket Kite from France

Product Details

Easy to bring along on outings to park, campsite, or beach, this compact kite requires no assembly, so it’s ready to fly the minute you pull it out of your pocket. Constructed without a frame, it folds neatly into a drawstring bag, but unfurls in an instant as soon as it catches a steady wind. Air fills a series of baffles that form the kite, providing the structure needed to hold its shape and remain aloft. 

Made of strong, brightly colored nylon fabric stitched together in eye-catching patterns, the kite measures about 13 × 20 inches, with a 90 foot cord on a plastic hand spool, and a 14 foot tail strung with multi-colored kite tails that dance and sway in the breeze. Great windy-day fun for young and old alike.

Choose from 3 different colors:

  • Blue drawstring bag - Kite colors: White, blue, yellow, red, and green
  • Pink drawstring bag - Kite colors: White, blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, and green
  • Orange drawstring bag - Kite colors: Purple yellow, orange and green
  • 1 x Nylon kite
  • 1 x Plastic handle with 90 feet of cord
Kite Size: 20 x 13 with 14 foot tail
Drawing Bag Size: 9 x 4 x 1.5 inches

Age Recommendation: 3 - 99 years old