Magic Neon Heat Activated Puffy Pens - Set of 6


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Magic Neon Heat Activated Puffy Pens - Set of 6

Product Details

Your child will enjoy magical art like they've never experienced before. Magic Puffy Pens are a very special set of pens that puff up when you apply heat. Amazing! It's all in the magic ink. Your in-house Designer can draw with their Magic Puffy Pens, let dry, add heat from a hair dryer and they've got incredible 3D art. Magic Puffy Pens are great for unique art projects, customizing greeting cards, making their coloring books really stand out and so much more. Comes with 6 neon color pens.

• 3D Puffy Ink Pens
• Makes Your Art Puff Up When You Apply Heat
• Great for Unique Art Projects
• Set of 6 Neon Colors

Tips for great puffy magic:
• Squeeze the pen to get good ink flow.
• Let the ink dry so the ink won't run when you blow dry.
• Use a really hot hair dryer, really close and at an angle.
• Art will puff up in under 1 minute.