Sock Rattles - Baby Aliens



Sock Rattles - Baby Aliens

Product Details
These adorable rattle socks are out of this world.

Keep your baby's senses engaged with these lovable space creatures that will encourage your little one to focus their eyes, reach for their feet and bring the rattles to their mouth. All of these actions are important milestones. Soft and comfortable, these socks are perfect for keeping your little one's feet warm and cozy.  Once your intergalatic traveler is crawling, the gentle sound of the rattle keeps you aware of where your baby is exploring. In addition, rubber grip-bottoms provide traction for new walkers.

Makes a thoughtful gift.

Age Recommendation: 0 -1 years old

Materials: 85% Cotton 10% Nylon 5% Spandex

Care: Machine wash cold with similar colors. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.