Skewb Brainteaser on a Keychain


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Skewb Brainteaser on a Keychain

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Take the Mini Skewb with you where ever you go. 

Another great Rotation puzzle from Meffert, with twelve sides of twelve different colors it is the classic fun twist Rubik's cube style puzzle, but with an irregular shape, that creates a great challenge. 

Twist and turn this geometric play piece into one of millions of different color combinations. 
Then, give your IQ the ultimate challenge and try to realign the colors back into their separate solid faces.
Once you get your hands on the Skewb, you’ll be hooked. Precision craftsmanship creates a smooth spinning puzzle that glides like silk through your hands. 
Give it a spin!

Difficulty Level: Hard

Size: 1.5 inches

Age Recommendation: 8 - 12 years old