Slime Chemistry Set


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Slime Chemistry Set

Product Details
A new twist on the traditional chemistry set!

This Slime Lab boasts 20 chemistry experiments all involving slime like Franken Slime, Mucus Monsters, Freaky Frequencies, Wild Waves & more. Your junior scientist can experience hands-on learning of scientific principles and wave theory... with slime! This activity kit features the easy-to-clean custom Slime-O-Nator that makes goo grow, dance and mutate.  Your resident slime expert can create the slime recipes with common household ingredients.

  • 16-page lab book with instructions for 20 activities
  • Slime poker
  • Wave dome
  • Graduated cylinder
  • Custom bowl
  • Measuring scoop
  • Slime-O-Nator, the motorized slime activator
  • plus more.
Ages: 8+