T-Rex Skeleton


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T-Rex Skeleton

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Your aspiring Paleontologist can imagine bringing a dinosaur back to life with the 36-inch Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton. They can unravel the mysteries of this majestic creature as they assemble the bones of this massive creature that roamed the Earth 65 million years ago.

With the T-Rex model your child can create their own scale replica of this eight-ton tyrannosaurus that was nicknamed the Tyrant Lizard King. After snapping all 51 pieces together, they can begin to imagine the enormity of this 20-foot tall creature whose body spanned a full forty feet!

The T-Rex skeleton can be displayed or disassembled for later use.

Stands about 2 feet tall and is 3 feet long!

• 51 pc. realistic fossil skeleton model of Tyrannosaurus Rex
• Display stand included
• Can be disassembled for later use
• Ages 8+