Thermo-Color Fidget Putty



Thermo-Color Fidget Putty

Product Details
This unique fidget putty is the perfect solution for kids with busy hands.  With texture similar to the classic Silly Putty, you can pull it like taffy, snap it like a stick, knead it like dough, and bounce it like a ball. It is not sticky and doesn't leave a residue on fingers or furniture.

This thermo-color collection of fidget putty comes in 3 heat-sensitive colors: green, purple and orange. Watch as the colors transform with the heat of your hands. The green goes from dark to light green. The purple changes into magenta. The orange changes into yellow.  The 1 1/2 inch jars are designed to screw together into a stack of different puttys to suit your every mood.

Perfect school-at-home fidget for kids stuck in front screens for long periods of time.

Non-toxic • Never dries out

Container size: 1 1/2" for the perfect palm-sized amount of putty

Age Recommendation: 4 - 99 years old