Toadstool Stump


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Toadstool Stump

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This delightful Toadstool stump made from salvaged drift wood and populated with wool felt mushrooms is a charming addition to the fairyland found at your home. Each Toadstool Stump has a singular shape with unique features. You will find that no two are exactly alike that will add an enchanting touch to your house fairy's fair world they are creating.

Size ranges from 2 1/2" x 4 "

Papoose creates unique handmade toys, decorations, and educational resources using natural materials such a wool, cotton, and wood working with talented artisans from Napal. The wool is made into felt and products are created under fair trade conditions. All this hard work and expertise in creating Papoose Toys offers a wonderfully warm and natural play experience for children. 


One order of the Toadstool Stump is one piece. 
Also note, that the Summer & Autumn trees with mushrooms, Autumn trees, wishing well, bed, bridge, and two-story fairy house are sold separately.