Tornado & Hurricanes Science Activity Kit


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Tornado & Hurricanes Science Activity Kit

Product Details

Your future Meterologist can discover the awesome power of a tornado and learn about the origins and movement of the hurricanes! With this kit, your child can create a vortex in water, discover the eye of the tornado, and reproduce a miniature version of a real tornado in the tornado machine. The tornado machine stands 15 inches high and contains a motor, electric fan, and speed control. You can suck particles into the vortex and test it's motion in the air. Not only will your kid learn how to build a liquid tornado inside a 2-liter bottle (and see for themselves how it actually works), they also get to learn about circuitry while building the adjustable fan system. Don’t worry, they do not need any experience whatsoever since the kit comes with instructions and experiment manual.

  • Base with cover
  • Funnel 
  • Cloud
  • Battery compartment & cover
  • Plate with + and - poles
  • Potentiometer swich
  • Potentiometer ring
  • Electric cable sheath
  • Electric motor
  • Fan
  • Tissue paper
  • Plastic material
  • Bottle connector
  • Illustrated manual
Age Recommendation: 8 - 17 year old