Zig & Go - Musical Chain Reaction Set - 52 pcs


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Zig & Go - Musical Chain Reaction Set - 52 pcs

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Finally a musical chain reaction construction set worthy of Rube Goldberg. This wacky 52 piece set is sure to delight! Your budding inventor will be delighted to hear the metal balls make music as the chain reaction rings chimes, hits a gong and sets a bell car running down a ramp, and more. A great introduction toy to learn STEM concepts such as gravity, force and momentum, and how they can create a chain reaction. 

This 52-piece set with wooden dominoes, ramps, balls, gong, chimes, cars, bells and other components will inspire creativity and build skills like perseverance, STEM problem solving and critical thinking. 

Combine sets from the full range and see how big of a circuit you can create.


  • 52 pieces
  • Instructions

Age Recommendation: 8 - 99 years old (6+ with parental assistance)