Audio Mystery - The Microchip


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Audio Mystery - The Microchip

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In echoes, a new and highly immersive audio mystery series, players use a deck of illustrated cards and spine-tingling sound clues to complete a story and solve a mystery. 

In the far future, civilization is lying in ruins, and the echoes of the past hide the tragic story of its downfall. See whether you can uncover the truth. 

Players will need a free companion app to play echoes. Install the app and use your camera to scan cards and play the audio clues associated with each illustration. Each echoes story is comprised of six chapters. Each chapter starts with a chapter marker tile followed by three story cards. Players solve individual chapters first, then work together to put the chapters in order. 

When players think they have a chapter solved, they can use the app to check. The app will tell them how many cards belong in the chapter and whether the cards are in the right order. When a chapter is solved successfully, the app will give an overview with additional details added, helping the players understand and solve the overall story. 

Finally, when each chapter is pieced together successfully, players put the complete tale in order. When they have solved the mystery, they can listen to an epilogue that completes the story!

To enjoy echoes, at least one player will need to install the free Ravensburger echoes app. You can check device compatibility with the app.

Specs List
• iPhone 6s with iOS 12.0 and higher
• Android 7.0 and higher
• Compatible with Google Play services for AR



  • 6 Chapter Marker Tiles
  • 18 Item Cards

Age Recommendation: 14 - 99 years old

Players: 1 - 6