Break In & Break Out Game - Alcatraz


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Break In & Break Out Game - Alcatraz

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To Escape, You Must First…Break In

The night of the June 11, 1962 marks the only successful break out from Alcatraz. No one has ever figured out how those men made their way off of the island because no one ever knew their secret: There was an outside man.

"It's the day of the big break out. The boys inside need your help if they are going to succeed."

You are the “outside man” breaking into Alcatraz to help a few of your buddies escape the inescapable prison. You need to break into the inescapable prison known as 'The Rock'. You know it's insane. You'll be walking into a fortress with armed guards, cells made of hardened steel, and be surrounded by the unforgiveable waters that have make escape impossible... so far...

Throughout this collaborative experience, you must work together to follow a series of clues and solve puzzles to unfold multiple layers of the game and move deeper into the facility! You’ll encounter many obstacles and characters along the way—good luck! 

It’s more than a game, it’s an experience–this game provides the thrill and challenge of an escape room, combined with the experience and world-immersion of a movie! 


  • Expanding 3D game board
  • 54 Cards
  • 7 Solution sticks
  • Envelope with Raft Puzzle
  • 2-piece ball and chain puzzle
  • Radio decoder
  • Rule book

1 to 6 players

Time to Play: 2 hours

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 4

Age Recommendation: 10 - 99 years old