Chat Chains Game


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Chat Chains Game

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PARENT: "How was your day at school?"

CHILD: "Fine."

Never again!

Designed by two psychologists, Chat Chains helps parents and children share their true feelings with friends and family to build this essential life skill to aid in emotional well-being. 

Pick one of 150 topics to start up a conversation in order to help kids and teens open up and model the serve and return of healthy communication. 3 levels of conversation help to build emotional intellegence and social awareness: Fun & Light, Serious, & Big Feelings. Topic card is placed first by parent. Once the child has answered, they add a card to the chain. The parent then continues the converation by adding another topic card to the chain to which the child can respond. Points are assigned by the depth of their answer and the length of the chat chain. As little of 15 minutes a day help to build social confidence and bring families together. Design to benefit both neurotypical and neurodivergent people such as people with autism, ADHD, and social anxiety.


  • 150 Conversation topic cards
  • 10 Activity cards
  • 5 Conversation prompt cards
  • 5 Play styles
  • Family Choice Award
  • Creative Child Game of the Year 2022
Age Recommendation: 8-99 years old