Compressed Soil Puck - 100mm


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Compressed Soil Puck - 100mm

Product Details
Coconut Coir is made from the husks and shells of coconuts, a waste product after coconut meat is harvested. It is an infinitely renewable resource that is superior to peat (a vanishing resource) in countless ways.

It is a less expensive alternative to traditional grow media, and because coco coir is dry compressed, it is far less expensive to ship than other wet grow media.

When you hydrate a compressed coconut coir puck, you’ll see the puck suck up water like a sponge. The secret to coir is that it holds that water, making it available to plants not evaporation. Coco coir mixed in to your soil can cut water requirements by 40%.

Coconut Coir is lighter than soil or other growing media, and when wet, resists compaction, allowing for more air pockets in your soil which facilitates drainage and strong root growth.

Size: 100mm x 15 mm = $2/each
Each puck expands to 8 - 8.5 cups (1/2 gallon)

1 gallon fabric planter =  2 x 100mm pucks
3 gallon fabric planters = 6x 100mm pucks

Pucks are loose in box and are not wrapped or labeled.