Curvahedra - Taurus Kit - Green


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Curvahedra - Taurus Kit - Green

Product Details

Curvahedra is a construction puzzle system consisting of sets of identical cut pieces which link together in an ingenious way, without the aid of glue or tape, to build a variety of 3D structures; many different balls, cones and even more complex three dimensional tilings can all be made. 

Curvahedra is suitable for all ages and works particularly well as a creative activity uniting young and mature. A variety of colors is available, enhancing the beauty of the shapes as well as making them more satisfying. Exploring the system encourages curiosity and confidence to create, communicate, and construct ideas. A variety of Curvahedra designs are available (by varying the number of branches on each piece and how they link up), unlocking a repertoire of ideas to explore.

Curvahedra has successfully been used in a variety of educational and recreational settings with creative learners and puzzle lovers of all ages. Curvahedra opens up an avenue for creative learning, both independent and collaborative, without the need for prior knowledge or the pressure of formal learning outcomes.

One Curvahedra “The Taurus” set contains twelve 5-branch and fifteen 6-branch mylar pieces that are durable enough to put together and take apart many many times.

  • 12 x 5 branch pieces
  • 15 x 6 branch pieces
Age Recommendation: 8 - 99 years old