Fold It - A Spacial Relationship Game


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Fold It - A Spacial Relationship Game

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The race is on to find out who’s the best chef in town, and only the cook with the fastest hands and the cleverest plan will win!

Your goal in Fold-it! is to cook recipes the fastest, based on the order cards. When an order card is revealed, everyone starts cooking at the same time. In order to cook the order, each player takes their individual recipe cloth and folds it so that it shows only the items displayed on the order card. The round ends once all players have finished their order, and if you made the order incorrectly or were the last to finish, you have to give up a star token. If you lose all three of your stars, you're out of the game.

Once only one player is left with a star token, they’ve won the game!

  • HIGH QUALITY - Comes with high quality soft cloth. Race against friends and family to solve the folding challenge fastest! Includes 4 recipe clothes, 42 basic and advanced challenge cards, 3 fold-it tokens and 12 star tokens.
  • CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS – Easy to learn with a clear, high quality instruction manual. You can start playing immediately!
  • DEVELOPS CRITICAL SKILLS - Build problem solving skills through fun gameplay.
  • FAMILY FUN - Fold-It is a great game for the family to enjoy together - two or more players aged 8+ can play.
  • 4 Recipe Cloths
  • 3 Fold-It Tokens
  • 12 Star Tokens
  • 42 Order Cards (Basic & Advanced)
Skill: Logic, Problem Solving, and Spatial Relationships

Players: 2 or More Players
Age Recommendation: 6 - 99 years old