Gravity Marble Race Track - 67pcs


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Gravity Marble Race Track - 67pcs

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Race into action with the power of magnetism! 

Your budding Engineer can use gravity to turn their own magical motor, running the metal spheres up and down the track. Detailed instructions make it easy to connect all the pieces and build the sloping oval track. Then, ready to race?

Drop one of the ball bearings onto the starting track. It gains momentum before dropping onto the main track and rolling around to the magnet. Then, with a SNAP, it collides with the magnet and - WHOOSH! - another ball bearing is launched like a rocket up the slope, around the curve, and back around to start the action all over again!

Get an exhilarating introduction to the mechanical wonders of magnets with this Gravity Race Track. Encourages spatial reasoning, STEM skills, an interest in mechanics, physics and mechanics of magnetism. Fully compatible with all other Geomag sets known for high-quality construction and lasting durability.

Made with 76% recycled plastic.

  • 61 building pieces
  • 6 metal marbles
  • Detailed instructions booklet

  • Age Recommendation: 8 - 16 years old

    CHOCKING HAZARD: Toy contains small parts and marbles. Not for children under 3 years old.