Animal Friends - High Contrast Cards


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Animal Friends - High Contrast Cards

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Adventuretown created its own high contrast cards with adorable black and white illustrations of animal friends. The silky-smooth cards are both light and durable. They feature rounded corners for safety. One side of the card has the critter in black with a white background and the other side has the critter in white with a black background. 

For the first months of life, babies can only see in black, white and red. They can also only see 8 - 10 inches from their face. High contrast cards build the muscles that are used to focus the eyes when set up for tummy time. They can also be used in exercises to build visual convergence when a card is moved towards and away from baby's face. In additon, you can help build your baby's visual tracking skills by moving the cards from side to side or hanging them the Customizable Danish Mobile. 

When your child is older, you can use them to identify and name the animal friends.

The high contrast cards come with access to Adventuretown's very own child development app, Fledglings' Flight. Simply enter or scan the QR code to create a free account. Fledglings' Flight boast over 4200 play-based activities, more than 1200 articles on child development, as well as milestone tracking. Premium members receive a monthly Toolbox with skills-based toys and supplies for the daily exercises tailored to their child's unique developmental profile whether they are delayed, on-track, advanced, or asynchronous.

You can purchase a 1-year basic gift membership to Fledgling's flight along this set of high contrast cards for $40. Makes an impactful Holiday gift or baby shower present.

  • 8 double-sided high contrast cards
  • Drawstring storage bag
  • 3 Visual-motor exercises
  • Access to Fledglings' Flight child development app
Card size: 4 x 6 inches