Levers and Linkages


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Levers and Linkages

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Get the MECHANICS: Levers & Linkages set for your future Mechanical Engineer and let them learn how Levers can be used for increasing an applied force or changing the direction of motion. They can find out how they can create models with complex motion by connecting many levers together and learn how these Linkages can be applied to various machines.

In this kit, your child can build 16 working models such as a seesaw, a movable weight scale, a wheelbarrow, a parking gate, a toy with moving figures, a pantograph and two types of linkages.

You can find easy-to-follow building instructions for all models either online or in the booklet included. The booklet provides detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied and incorporates innovative experimental activities for hands-on learning. A Quiz section is also available to challenge your child’s newly acquired knowledge! This is great addition to Home School curriculum.

Your future Mechanical Engineer can conduct thorough experiments and discover:
• The relation between fulcrum, effort and load
• How the three classes of levers are formed
• How to use linkages in order to create toys with moving figures
• How to use a pantograph to scale up or down an image
• How to create an exact straight line mechanically.
• Ages 8+