Life Cycle of a Ladybug


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Life Cycle of a Ladybug

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Your budding Entomologist will love learning about the life cycle of a ladybug.

The Ladybug is also known as the ladybird, and more correctly known as the ladybeetle. The insect goes through the four stages of metamorphosis, hatching from an egg to become a voracious larva, then forming a pupa from which the colorful ladybug emerges. 

Scientific Name: Coccinella septempunctata

Characteristics: Ladybug eggs are attached to leaves of plants infested by aphids, which provide a ready food source for the hungry larva. After molting four times, it enters the pupa stage. 

Size and Color: The larva stage of the ladybug is said to resemble an alligator with its long jaws. The bright red and black adult ladybug figure is 2 ½ inches wide, about the same as a large spoon. 

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