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Dimorphodon was a medium-sized (wingspan of about 4.5 feet) pterosaur that lived in the Early Jurassic Period (about 200 million years ago) in what is now the British Iles. Pterosaurs were the first reptiles to fly. Although superficially similar to modern bats and birds, they were not related to either group.

Scientific Name: Dimorphodon, meaning ‘two form tooth’

Characteristics: Dimorphodon, like most other early pterosaurs, still had teeth, and lacked the skull crest seen in later members of the group. It had an unusually large head, and two distinct types of teeth; long, fang-shaped teeth at the front of the jaws, and smaller, flattened, blade-like teeth at the back. This is unusual, as almost all reptiles have no more than one type of tooth in their jaws. Compared with later pterosaurs, the wings are fairly short (although Dimorphodon was a good flyer), and the neck was short and strong.

Size and Color: This model is 5.75 inches long and has a 8.5 inch wingspan. The body is an orange-brown, and the wings have a dark blue and red pattern. The head is a brighter red color to emphasize its large size.

Non-toxic and BPA free

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