Piks - 24-piece Play Set


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Piks - 24-piece Play Set

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This clever play set won all of the toy awards in the last 2 years because of it's unique and exceptional design.

Your budding artist can use the silicone cones of different heights to try to balance the asymmetrical wooden planks. When the cones and boards are placed on top of each other, the silicone grips the wood. It is this grip which makes an infinite number of combinations possible.

Piks was designed to develop children’s attention and concentration with input from child development experts, child psychiatrists, and play therapists. It frees the imagination, offering lots of different opportunities for structured or unstructured play. Children can just let themselves be guided by their own boundless creativity.

It helps to develop fine and gross motor skills, concentration, imagination, problem-solving, decision-making, planning, perseverance, self-esteem, as well as sensory integration. Your child will enjoy playing, experimenting and handling beautiful pieces designed with eco-responsible materials. The beechwood is sourced from FSC forests and the cones are made of non-toxic silicone.

Piks can be played alone or with others. Use the Challenge Cards add more excitement to the mix.


  • 6 x Beechwood planks
  • 19 x Silicone cones
Age Recommendation: 3 - 12 years old

  • Spielwaremesse Toy of the Year 2022
  • Red Dot Award 2022
  • Spiel Gut Award 2022
  • Good Design 2022
  • A'Design Award 2021 Platinum
  • Concours Lepine
  • Selection Des Ludothecaires 2021
  • Grand Prix du Jouet Jeu Educatif
  • Speelgoed van Het Jaar Jouet de L'annee 2020
  • Red Dot Winner 2020
  • Mam' Advisor by Magic Maman 2020
  • Etoiles du Jouet Kid Expo 2019
  • Core77 Design Awards Notable 2019

Ideas for play:

1. Free play
The best rule is not to have any! Build up, out, put the cones in the middle or on the edges, angle the planks or try to keep them level. However, there is only one thing to know: at least three silicone cones are needed for stability. 

2. Figurative play
Create a couple of animals and characters to play with. Use cones such as eyes or paws, a plank as a body and create all types of characters: frog, rhinoceros, monster, but also montain or bridge… replicate the models of the Creative cards or create new ones.

This mode of play invites children to recreate the models of Creative Cards (24 models of 4 levels of progressive difficulty - to allow children to progress step by step but also to challenge adults). Follow the cards step by step or memorize them before reproducing the chosen figure, this guided game mode also offers many possible variants.

3. The Piks Tower
Create the tallest tower without it collapsing using one of these 3 rules.

  • Use the only the same cones per floor
  • Use only two different kinds of cones per floor
  • Use all three kinds of cones possible per floor
When playing this game, your junior engineer can try to beat the record of the highest tower, alone or with a group. They can strategize, try, experiment, make mistakes, and use logic, reflection, and deduction to build the tallest tower. Self esteem will always be there.

4. The Battle of Piks
2+ players

Steady hands and clever engineering wins! Each player must place one floor in turn (3 cones and 1 plank). The first one who makes the structure fall has lost. The last remaining player is the winner. Each player can choose his or her strategy: stabilize the construction, make it hard for his or her opponent(s) by making the structure unstable, use small planks to make it hard for competitors to stack on top.