Scented Modeling Dough - Yellow Banana


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Scented Modeling Dough - Yellow Banana

Product Details

This food-grade modeling dough passes the smell test with wonderful scents that is sure to please your budding artist. Each color has it's own delicious smell from apple to vanilla. See what is smells like when colors are mixed.  Each resealable tub comes with 4.5 oz of action. If the dough dries out, add a little water and close the lid.  With time, the dough will reconstitute itself.  

Makes a dandy Easter basket filler or stocking stuffer.

Select from the following colors:
  • White - Vanilla
  • Yellow - Banana
  • Blue - Blueberry
  • Red - Strawberry
  • Pink - Bubblegum
  • Green - Apple
  • Orange
Tub Size: 4.5 oz
Age Recommendation: 3 - 9 years old