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Shringasaurus lived in the middle Triassic Period, around 245 million years ago. Though it was a large prehistoric reptile, growing around 12 feet long, it was not a dinosaur. Its most striking feature is its facial horns, which sprout from its brow like those of Triceratops. 

History: Shringasaurus was first formally described in 2017 from bones of several individuals discovered in India. Shringasaurus was not a dinosaur, but rather a “basal” Archosauromorph – an early example of the group of reptiles that would eventually lead to the evolution of crocodiles, dinosaurs, birds and their relatives. The teeth of Shringasaurus point to a plant-based, or herbivorous, diet, and it is believed that the horns on its head may have only been present in males, like many modern horned animals, and that they may have used them in combat to impress a potential mate.

Scientific Name: Shringasaurus (“Horned Lizard”)

Characteristics: This figure is hand painted to bring out all the scientifically accurate details in this prehistoric creature, from its lizard-like body to its distinctive horns.

Size: 6.5 x 1.95 inches 

Non-toxic and BPA free

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