Steampunk Scout Beetle Kit


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Steampunk Scout Beetle Kit

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Experience the melding of steampunk aesthetics and nature's real beetles with this captivating kinetic sculpture. This highly mechanical battlemech is infused with intricate details of the beetle's natural form. Crafted with precision, this Scout Beetle boasts an ABS polymer structure for the main body, providing excellent impact resistance, while the appendages are delicately fashioned from soft PVC material for enhanced model protection. The designer has thoughtfully incorporated numerous metal components into the beetle's membrane fins and abdomen, elevating it's texture and functionality with features like membrane fin vibration and power demonstration.

This kinetic sculpture, that runs on AAA batteries, goes beyond mere aesthetics. Simulated metal vibrating membrane wings are under the protection of hard wings on both sides. They are activated it by gently touching the button on the base. The detection light located between the wings illuminates the way & it's radar can controls the battlefield situation in real time. The body is equipped with LED light modules to create a steampunk ambient lighting effect. It even features the world's tiniest functioning magnetic compass that floats around as you handle the beetle.

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PLEASE NOTE: 3 AAA batteries required (not included)

Base size: 4 inches
Wing span: 7.75 inches
Height: 3.75 inches

Number of pieces: 147
Construction time: 3 hours
Difficulty level: 3 out of 5

Age Recommendation: 14 - 99 years old (younger with adult supervision)