Stencil City


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Stencil City

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Budding artists can design their own cityscapes, brimming with trains, planes and automobiles. This 8-sheet set is from a small, beloved toy company right outside Chicago, that offers playtime products to spark curiosity and imagination. Stencils can be used with paint, colored pencils, markers, or pen and ink. And the set comes with an Idea Sheet to get your child started. 

Unique. Durable. Engaging. Fun.

Stencil sheets are approximately 7 x 9 inches each and are reusable.

Age Recommendation: 5 - 99 years old

Tree Hopper Toys is a small, family-owned toy company based on the outskirts of Chicago. Their aim is to produce educational, well designed toys made in an eco-friendly way.  By minimizing waste, using sustainable lumber and 100% non-toxic inks and finishes, they minimise the impact on the planet.  Wind power provides the energy for all of their premises.

100% Made in America