Teenie Nee Doh - Cool Cats


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Teenie Nee Doh - Cool Cats

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The delightfully groovy sensory ball has now been transformed into a petite and cool cat companion! 

Give it a gentle squeeze, stretch it, or simply smush it in your hand. However you decide to play with this enjoyable, dough-filled feline, it magically reverts to its original form every time. Prepare for an irresistible sense of satisfaction that soothes your spirit, all while the cool cats showcase eight delightful facial expressions! 

These compact feline friends fit perfectly in your hands, making them a hit with both kids and adults. Whether it's for gifting, using at the office, bringing to school, or just a quick relaxation moment, these Cool Cats are the perfect choice. They are available in packs of three, with each pack containing 3 of 4 assorted vibrant colors.


Makes a soothing stocking stuffer.  

Includes: 3 colors of Cool Cats

Size: 1.5 inches


Age Recommendation: 5 - 99 years old


PLEASE NOTE: This sensory ball is not indestructable.  It will pop if it is chewed, bitten, squeezed too hard, comes into contact with a sharp object, thrown hard, or stretched too far. To ensure it's longevity, only engage with the toy in a reasonable way.