ABC Zoo - Story Scroll


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ABC Zoo - Story Scroll

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Czech out this compact and inventive way to introduce your little learn to the ABCs. A is for Alligator, B is for Bear. What animal begins with the letter C? Continue the story by inserting a pencil in the top scroll and turn clockwise to advance the scroll. Your child can learn the whole animal alphabet! It is a perfect tool for the development of the fine motor skills of the little ones as they learn to turn the pencil to read the story on their own. Once you get to Z, move the pencil to the bottom scroll and rewind the story by turning it counter clockwise until you are back to the beginning. It awakes curiosity and imagination, it invites kids to learn by playing, discovering, and having fun.

A whole new way of printing had to be invented to allow a story to be printed on a single 7 feet length of paper.

Perfectly sized for travel, restaurant activity, or use while potty training.

  • ABC Story Scroll
  • Natural wood pencil
Age: 3 to 5 years old Length: 2.2 yards / 2 meters FSC certified, acid-free heavyweight paper, Biofibra 100% compostable
Designed in France - Made in Prague, Czech