Czech Growth Chart


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Czech Growth Chart

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Growing taller is always more fun with a giraffe and friends to keep you company! This inventive growth chart features inches and cm. Its beautiful illustrations will inspire your little ones to imagine their own stories and have hours of fun with the Giraffe and her endless neck. Simply hang from a tack on the wall. The pull the tap to unroll the measuring tape until it touches the floor. Mark your child's height with the included pencil. Then use the pencil to wind the tape measure back into the box. Your child will love watching new parts of the illustrated tape measure are revealed as they grow.

  • Growth chart scroll
  • Natural wood pencil
Age: 3 to 103 years old Length: 2.2 yards / 2 meters FSC certified, acid-free heavyweight paper, Biofibra 100% compostable
Designed in France - Made in Prague, Czech