Brachiosaurus Gel Pen - Pink


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Brachiosaurus Gel Pen - Pink

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Foster your aspiring young Paleontologist's passion for exploration with our enchanting Pink Brachiosaurus Pen. This fine-tipped gel pen, all the way from Japan, boasts sleek black ink, making it the perfect tool for elegantly documenting their latest field guide revelations.

This delightful pen isn't just a wonderful addition to holiday surprises, slipping seamlessly into Christmas stockings or Easter baskets. It also adds a touch of prehistoric whimsy to party favors at dino-themed gatherings, sparking young imaginations with its charming design. And, don't forget, it's available in two captivating colors: Blue and Pink, ensuring that your young adventurers can select their favorite hue for embarking on their writing journeys alongside this captivating companion.

Available colors: Blue & pink

Size: 7.5 inches