Classic Nee Doh


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Classic Nee Doh

Product Details

Create comfort with this colorful sensory ball. The gummy squish felt when squeezing sensory balls release endorphins in the brain that provides the sensation of calm and well-being. We all need more of that!

Each ball is filled with a non-toxic, dough-like compound that is durable and always returns to its original shape. 


Makes a great gift and is perfect for schools, party favors, those with special needs, an addition to the office, and is exactly what you need to decompress! 


It is appropriate for anxious tendencies and helps promote focus, attention, and centering.

Available colors: Pink, yellow, green, purple, or blue.

Size: 2.5 inches

Age Recommendation: 5 - 99 years old


PLEASE NOTE: This sensory ball is not indestructable.  It will pop if it is chewed, bitten, squeezed too hard, comes into contact with a sharp object, thrown hard, or stretched too far. To ensure it's longevity, only engage with the toy in a reasonable way.