Drop It - Spacial Relationship Game


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Drop It - Spacial Relationship Game

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Take turns dropping various shapes into this vertical game board's designated drop zone to see whose piece is the highest.

Each player accumulates points based on the highest level their shape reaches upon landing and earns additional points for connecting with bonus circles. However, tread carefully, for there's a crucial rule to follow. After your shape lands, it must not come into contact with matching shapes or colors, or you risk going away empty-handed.

Ultimately, the victorious player or team emerges as the one with the most points when the game reaches its conclusion. This delightful and brain-teasing game offers quality family time and an opportunity for kids to hone their abstract strategic thinking skills, all while having loads of fun together.

  • 1 - Two-piece game board
  • 36 - Game pieces
  • 4 - Score markers
  • 1 - Scoring track
  • 4 - Side pieces
  • 2 - Base pieces
  • 4 - Point tokens
  • 8 - Jokers
Players: 2 - 4 (or teams)
Age Recommendation: 8 - 99 years old

  • 2018 Parents' Choice Silver Award 
  • 2018 The Toy Insider’s Spring & Summer Gift Guide 
  • 2018 NAPPA Winner