Silkworm Growth Station


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Silkworm Growth Station

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This silkworm breeding device has been design to the specific life-cycle characteristics of silkworms. It meets their whole-growing term requirements, hence the Insects Growth Station is compact in structure, high in efficiency, and economical in operation.

This small and lightweight device allows your budding Helminthologist to observe two important facts about the silkworm. Firstly, its feeding and breeding cycle lasts approximately one hour. During this time they can take pictures of both the adults and larvae in action. Secondly, and more importantly, the transparent housing allows them to see exactly on which types of foods the silkworms are feeding at any given moment. This way they can observe which variables have which kind of effects on the outcome of the silkworms.

Silkworm eggs not included. You can purchase silkworm eggs, pods, and chow by clicking HERE

Growth Station Size: 6.3 x 8.2 x 11 inches



  • Growth station
  • Clip
  • Instruction manual


Age Recommedation: 3 – 99 years old