Lodestone - Naturally Magnetic Rock


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Lodestone - Naturally Magnetic Rock

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Lodestone is magnetized when it is struck by lightening!

Lodestone is a form of magnetite that is a oxide of iron. While magnetite is common, lodestone is rare because only certain magnetite with a particular crystalline and chemical structure can become magnetized. In order to become magentized it needs contact with a strong magnetic field - lightening! The magnetic magic of lodestones is created by contact with the energy field created by lightening striking the earth.

Chinese in the 4th Century B.C. recognized that these stones turned to point to the Earth's magnetic poles, North and South. As with many scientific phenomena, there was an early association with magic.  The first use of lodestone was in Chinese fortune telling.  However, the lodestone soon led to the invention of the first compasses. Lodestone compasses enabled safer navigation that contributed to the great voyages of discovery. Miners also followed the stone because it was attracted to iron.

Makes a treasured addition to your junior Geologist's collection.

Specimen size ranges from 1 - 1.5 inches.

Age Recommendation: 4 - 99 years old