Tektite - Meteorite Melted Rock


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Tektite - Meteorite Melted Rock

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Tektites are silicate glass that is most likely formed with meteorites collide with Earth rocks. The impact of a large meteroite creates enough energy to melt soil and rocks! The material from an impact is projected over great distances. It rapidly melts then quickly cools, forming tektites.

Tektites are scattered in "strewnfields" which is a term that describes the limited area in which impact material has fallen to the ground. All pieces found in an area share age ranges and chemical composition, so they are likely created by the same impact event. The strewnfields are always far from the impace site. The largest strewnfields covers parts of Australia, islands of the Pacific and South Asia. The second largest strewnfield is in North America with tektites scatttered through Georgia and Texas. These tektites are most likely from the Chesapeake Crater in Virginia. Czech has green modavite tekites from the Ries Crater in Germany. Many other smaller strewnfields are found around the world.

Tektites are not a kind of meteorite, but may have traces of extraterrestrial components that can be detected by detailed isotopic analysis. Meteorites come from space. Tektites come from the Earth.

Each tektite specimen has unique size and shape and measures from 1 - 2 inches:

The perfect addition to your junior Geologist's collection.

Age Recommendation: 4 - 99 years old