Monster Kaleidocycle Kit - Set of 4


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Monster Kaleidocycle Kit - Set of 4

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Geometry at your fingertips!

kaleidocycle (or flextangle) is a ring of 6 connected pyramids with 4 hexagonal faces made from folding paper. When complete, the kaliedocycle creates a hexagonal-shaped ring that you can rotate from the inside out creating an astounding geometric scupture.

This set of 4 easy to make kaliedocycles fold together to form 4 monsters faces that transform into 4 different faces in an endless loop!

• Creativity and self-expression 
• Attention to detail 
• Fine motor control and manipulation 
• Eye-hand coordination 
• Cognitive abilities 
• Patience and focus 
• Mindfulness learning 
• Confidence and self-esteem 

A brilliantly inventive paper craft activity that inspires a creative learning environment whether in homes and classrooms!

Age Recommendaton: 7 - 99 years old