Detective Gear - Motion Detector


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Detective Gear - Motion Detector

Product Details

Your aspiring secret agent can ensure the safety of their valuables with this handy and compact alarm system. Designed with versatility in mind, it features two distinct modes for added security. This alarm system can detect nearby movements as well as sense vibrations.

When triggered, a swift three-second alarm will activate, instantly alerting them to any potential intruders, be it burglars or rival agents, providing them with valuable peace of mind. What's more, even if the device itself is moved, the siren will wail, and a flashing red light will further emphasize the intrusion.

This motion sensor alarm is the ideal safeguard for your child's room, desk drawers, or any cherished secrets. It incorporates both light and vibration sensors, ensuring comprehensive security. The small and inconspicuous size makes it easy to transport and hide, offering discreet yet powerful protection. Give your in-house detective the confidence and assurance that their valuables are well-protected with this reliable and versatile alarm system.

Batteries Required: AAA (2) - NOT INCLUDED

Age Recommendation: 8 - 12 years old