Inside Job - Spy Game


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Inside Job - Spy Game

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A game of team work & deception.

Can you complete your missions, despite the secret saboteur, or will the insider get the best of you all?

Players take on the role of secret agents on a high-stakes mission. However, be on guard, for there's a clandestine insider lurking within your ranks, diligently working to undermine your every move while gathering classified information along the way.

In this engaging (mostly) cooperative trick-taking card game, you'll seamlessly slip into undercover roles. The question that hangs in the balance: Who is behaving suspiciously, and who can you place your trust in? Each trick is a chance to complete a mission, and with every play, you draw closer to unveiling the identity of the insider in your midst.

Designed for groups of three to five players, this game offers an exciting social deduction experience that combines the cooperative spirit with elements of intrigue and mystery. Can you and your fellow agents successfully complete your missions, or will the insider outwit you all?

With its high replayability and versatile variants that can add complexity to the gameplay, this game is not only a fun and entertaining party experience but also a fantastic choice for fans of social deduction, role-playing, or mystery games. Get ready for an adventure that will keep the entire family engaged and entertained for hours on end!

Age recommendation: 10 to adult
Players: 3 to 5 (with 2-player variant)
Playing time: 20 minutes